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Thank you for your interest in the credit offer of IDEA FINANZ AG. It is understood that we process your credit application quickly and discreetly.

Since 1989, over 57,000 customers throughout Switzerland have benefited from the experience of IDEA FINANZ AG and our discretion and flexibility in the credit business. IDEA FINANZ AG also takes over existing credits and leasing contracts.

In addition, IDEA FINANZ AG guarantees unrivalled interest conditions from 1.7 % annual interest.

Once the documents have been received and checked, the loan will be paid out directly to your bank or postal account within a few days of your credit request being approved.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of credit and leasing:
Tel. 041 760 69 60

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Up to CHF 1,000 and a credit period of up to 6 months.

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Unbeatable interest rates and transparent calculation.

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Top offer


Up to CHF 1,000 and a credit period of up to 6 months.

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We offer unique credit terms for:


As a permanent employee, you get the best conditions for credits up to CHF 250,000.

Self-employed entrepreneurs

We offer loans for self-employed, companies and enterprises of all sizes.

More than 30 years of experience

Benefit from our know-how in the credit and leasing sector.

Discreet and flexible

Since 1989, over 57,000 clients throughout Switzerland have relied on our experience, discretion and flexibility in the credit business.

Existing credits

IDEA FINANZ also takes over existing credits and leasing contracts.

Credit is a matter of trust

With us you get unrivalled favourable credits and fair credit conditions.

Three steps to your personal credit

Contact us by mail, phone or contact form. For security reasons, we will send you the necessary documents immediately, free of charge and without obligation by A Mail.

We will check your credit request with your details. In case of a positive credit decision you will receive the credit agreement.

You send the signed credit agreement back to us and the credit amount is paid out to your account.

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Why a credit with IDEA FINANZ AG?

IDEA FINANZ AG has been a serious and reliable partner for your financing and credits with over 57,000 customers since 1989. Thanks to our credit know-how and our sophisticated processing system for credit enquiries, we are always in a position to meet your needs in the current credit market.

How much does a credit or personal loan request cost me?

A request for a credit, also called a personal loan, is free of charge. You only pay the monthly instalments for the loan after the contract has been concluded.

What criteria must be fulfilled for a credit request?

When applying for a loan, the applicant must be at least 18 years old and not older than 65. A regular income of at least CHF 3000.00 is a basic condition for granting a loan, as is a residence in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

When will I receive the money from my loan?

In the case of loans, there is a statutory waiting period of 14 days from the date of the credit agreement; this is mandatory throughout Switzerland for all credit agreements in accordance with the Swiss Consumer Credit Act (KKG).

What is the minimum or maximum credit amount?

We grant credits from CHF 1000.00 to CHF 250'000.00, depending on the needs and creditworthiness of the credit applicant.

What does creditworthiness mean with regard to a loan?

The creditworthiness indicates how creditworthy a customer is. The budget, payment behaviour, further information that we require from our borrowers and any information from third parties such as debt collection offices or the ZEK are taken into account. In order to be able to carry out a serious examination of the loan application, it is important to request this information from a borrower and to analyse it precisely.

What is the Central Credit Information Office (ZEK)?

ZEK (Zentralstelle für Kreditinformation) is an institution where all data on loans, credit cards and leasing are managed. It provides information on the payment behaviour for loans and the creditworthiness of a person who has already had credit or leasing experience.

I already have a loan, can I still apply for a loan?

You can always complete a credit application with us, we will check your creditworthiness and discuss with you how to proceed.
You also have the possibility to replace your existing credit or credits with a better and cheaper credit offer.

What documents are required to process a credit request as quickly as possible?

It is best if you send us the last 3 pay slips and a copy of your identity card online or by post with the credit request, or, in the case of foreigners, C or B permit. If you are married at the time of the loan application, additionally the last 3 pay slips and a copy of your spouse's identity card or permit.

Welche Unterlagen werden benötigt, um eine Kredit-Anfrage rasch möglichst bearbeiten zu können?

Am besten sie senden uns gleich mit der Kredit-Anfrage online oder per Post die letzten 3 Lohnabrechnungen und eine Ausweiskopie, bei Ausländern Bewilligung C oder B. Wenn Sie zum Zeitpunkt des Kreditantrags verheiratet sind, zusätzlich die letzten 3 Lohnabrechnungen und eine Kopie des Ausweises oder der Bewilligung von Ihrem Ehepartner.

How can I declare the loan for tax purposes?

In order to declare the loan for tax purposes, each year you will automatically receive from your bank an extract with the credit information, which you can enclose with your tax return.


Neugasse 11
CH-6341 Baar Zug

Phone: +41 41 760 69 60
Telefax: +41 41 760 54 35

Download contact details as V-Card.
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